Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics: The Politics of Authoritarian Rule

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What drives politics in dictatorships? Milan W. Svolik argues authoritarian regimes must resolve two fundamental conflicts. Dictators face threats from the masses over which they rule - the problem of authoritarian control. Secondly from the elites with whom dictators rule - the problem of authoritarian power-sharing. Using the tools of game theory, Svolik explains why some dictators establish personal autocracy and stay in power for decades; why elsewhere leadership changes are regular and institutionalized, as in contemporary China; why some dictatorships are ruled by soldiers, as Uganda was under Idi Amin; why many authoritarian regimes, such as PRI-era Mexico, maintain regime-sanctioned political parties; and why a country's authoritarian past casts a long shadow over its prospects for democracy, as the unfolding events of the Arab Spring reveal. Svolik complements these and other historical case studies with the statistical analysis on institutions, leaders and ruling coalitions across dictatorships from 1946 to 2008.
the central topics, concepts, and questions in the eld of comparative politics, with an emphasis on developing countries. The course is designed to familiarize students with the eld as it stands today, Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics: The Politics of Authoritarian Rule Image
AUTHOR Milan W. Svolik
FILENAME Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics: The Politics of Authoritarian Rule.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 17 Sep 2012

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Rule by Law: The Politics of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes (Cambridge University Press, 2008, with Tom Ginsburg) The Struggle for Constitutional Power: Law, Politics, and Economic Development in Egypt (Cambridge University Press, 2007).

Contextual Politics of Semi-Authoritarian Rule and Hybrid ...

From a comparative perspective, the politics of economic and social governance in China is distinguished by a high degree of decentralisation within a highly rigid authoritarian polity.


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